Zipper Ride Details
Category: Thrill Ride
Height Requirement: 48 inches
Capacity: 36 People
Manufacturer: Chance
Purchase Date: 1991 & 1996


Riders must be at least 48” to ride. No single riders. Riders must be secured within the restraint system. Riders must hold onto the grab bars on the inside of the door with both hands when the ride is in motion. The rider must sit upright with hands and feet clear of the lap bar and door. The maximum capacity of each unit is two adults or children, with a maximum weight of 340 lbs. Riders must step up/transfer up approximately one foot into a very confined compartment and be prepared for strong forces from all directions including becoming inverted.

This one will throw you around a bit. Are you brave enough to climb into that little car and have it toss you about?!

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