Stinger Ride Details
Category: Spectacular Ride
Height Requirement: 52 inches
Capacity: 16 People
Manufacturer: Technical Park
Purchase Date: 2012


Riders must be at least 52" to ride. Riders must sit upright. Ride is one person per car. Riders must fit within the over-the-shoulder restraint. Riders must be able to endure strong side to side and back and forth motions. This ride brings rider into an upside down position. Riders must ascend/descend two or more steps at the entrance and exit. This Super Spectacular thrill ride will become a favorite of all those who love the adrenaline rush! Harness in the car and watch the floor drop from under you as the pendulum starts to swing. The giant pendulum will swing left to right until it goes up almost 80' in the air and all the way over making a complete circle around in the air. Are you ready to get stung by the Stinger?!

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