Speed Ride Details
Category: Spectacular Ride
Height Requirement: 55 inches
Capacity: 8 People
Manufacturer: KMG
Purchase Date: 2004


Riders must be at least 55" to ride. Riders must sit upright and be restrained by shoulder harness. Riders must ascend/descend stairs at entry and exit. This is a high speed thrill attraction in every sense of the word. Passengers are secured by over the shoulder harnesses as they dangle in expectation. The Speed stands 120 feet tall and has two sets of two seats that are mounted at the end of each arm, back to back. Each four-seat assembly can swing through 360 degrees. The arm rotates at up to 10 revolutions per minute, producing an acceleration of 3.5 G's on the riders. This is the one that will make you feel like an eagle soaring through the air and enjoying a birds-eye view for miles. (If you can keep your eyes open)!

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