Mardi Gras Glass House

Mardi Gras Glass House Ride Details
Category: Thrill Ride
Height Requirement: 36 inches
Capacity: Walk Through
Manufacturer: Owens
Purchase Date: 1999

Mardi Gras Glass House

Participants between 36” and 42” must be accompanied by a supervising adult companion. Participants must be at least 42” to participate alone. Participants must be able to walk alone and upright on obstacles such as mazes and mirrors. Participants must enter by ascending and descending a ramp or stairway. No open toed shoes allowed.

Can you find your way through this glass house?! Navigate through the glass walls if you can and head upstairs to the crazy wavy mirrors that are so much fun. This delightful tour ends with a slide on down to the ground. Let’s go again and see if we can go through faster this time!

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